3 Great Pool Fence Materials

3 Great Pool Fence Materials

Ottawa Fence Companies Offer Multiple Ways to Keep Your Pool Safe

Just like swimming pools types and layouts, there are different kinds of pool fences. Municipal laws will determine the minimum height of the fence (five feet), and of course there is also budget, maintenance, and style to consider. Here are some of the most common fencing materials that Ottawa fence companies use and the benefits of each:


Wood has been used in fencing for years, and is a good choice for people who don’t mind putting a little hands-on work into maintaining their pool fence. Because of the proximity of the fence to the pool water, a wood fence needs care and attention to last. However, along with its naturally classic look, Ottawa fence companies can also easily customize it with different sizes, aesthetics, and colours—and it’s generally less expensive than other options. A wooden fence gives privacy, although if the kids are in the pool area and you’re not, then you’ll have to look through or over the fence to check on them.

PVC or Vinyl

PVC, or polyvinyl chloride, has become a popular choice for pool fences. It is durable, flexible, and won’t warp, rot, or bend due to moisture exposure or extreme weather. Although some homeowners consider them to be on the bulky side and colour options are limited, PVC fences provide a lot of privacy and come in a variety of styles. Ottawa fence companies install PVC fences with pickets or posts around the property, adding the rails or panels afterwards to gives the fence a thicker look. PVC will cost more up front, but it won’t need to be replaced or re-installed nearly as often.


Everyone is looking for something different. You may want to enjoy a lot of privacy in and around your pool area, or you may want to enjoy the view or create a space that feels much more open. An aluminum fence is a great option for the latter—homeowners who don’t need or want as much privacy, but still want a strong, secure pool fence. Aluminum fences are lightweight, sturdy, and available in many colours with ornamental accents; they can even take on the look of wrought iron without the cost that comes with it. Some maintenance is required to keep aluminum fences from corroding.

Regardless of how you plan to protect your pool deck, Ottawa fence companies have your back. These are just three options. Glass, stainless steel, chain link, and even bamboo can also get the job done—so long as they meet the legal requirements! What will you build your new pool fence with?