5 Privacy Screen Ideas

5 Privacy Screens

No one really enjoys the feeling of stepping out into your backyard and suddenly feeling as though you’re on view to the world (or at least to your nosy neighbours). Situations like this can make you avoid your backyard, and even forgot about it altogether. But you should be able to enjoy that space with adequate privacy that can make you feel comfortable on your own property.

So if you’ve been avoiding your backyard for lack of comfort, here are five privacy screen ideas that can help you enjoy and embrace the beauty of your outdoor space.

Hanging Vines

They’re beautiful and they can provide you with a natural looking curtain that will filter your neighbours’ view perfectly so that they won’t be able to see your every move. You can head to your local garden centre and ask them for recommendations that will suit your location best.

Bamboo Screens

Bamboo is one of those natural wonders that we just can’t get enough of. It’s a multi-faceted plant that can be used for just about anything – including privacy. If you’re feeling crafty, this is a project that you can undertake yourself. If you’re not into DYI projects, you can find a home décor store that will have pre-made bamboo screens. They’re aesthetically appealing, and will give your outdoor space a unique, natural flair.

Garden Wall

Are you looking for a space to incorporate some potted herbs or plants? Well, why not consider installing a garden wall? You can have the benefit of added greenery for your own personal taste, all the while discreetly creating the perfect barrier for some added privacy.

Outdoor Curtains

If you’re looking to go full throttle into creating that space away from peering eyes, you can purchase curtains that are made specifically for the outdoors. So if the bamboo or vines aren’t cutting it for you – outdoor curtains will!

Wooden Lattice Wall

This is another great garden project that can be turned into a simple and fun DYI. All it requires is a few wooden materials from your hardware store. And once you erect it, you can attach planters and even some vines that can grow along the wood for that extra privacy factor.

Any and all of these privacy screens can be fitted onto your existing fence, or installed as part of a new fence courtesy of Fence One, your expert Ottawa fence company.

Don’t give up on your garden space on behalf of your nosy neighbours. Take back control of your backyard by using any of these simple ideas. They can provide you and your backyard with the perfect intimate space that’s free from peering eyes, all the while incorporating some stunning additions that will enhance your backyard aesthetics.