Designing the Perfect Pool Fence

Perfect Pool Fence

If you own a private swimming pool, or are thinking of having one installed, a pool fence is something else that you’ll have to consider. On top of the benefits of having such a fence, including safety and privacy, Ottawa by-law also require that any private pool with a depth of two feet or deeper have an enclosure around it for safety reasons.

But just because it’s a legal requirement doesn’t mean that your pool’s enclosure can’t have a little more thought and care put into its design and appearance. A great pool fence is one that balances safety, security, and aesthetics with ease. Here are a few things to consider when designing your enclosure:

Pre-Planning Your Pool

If your house already has a pool, then you will be restricted by the existing layout. However, if you are still in the process of planning out your pool and its shape, size, and placement in your yard, then you can save a lot of hassle by integrating the fence into this stage of the design. By planning their pool around a fence, Ottawa residents can make installing their enclosure easier by avoiding designs that are restricting or don’t offer enough space.

Safety and Privacy

Ottawa by-laws require that a pool fence be at least five feet high. But for best safety results, consider having a four-sided enclosure built to wrap around all sides of the pool, as opposed to one that uses your house as a fourth wall. This will drastically reduce the risk of young children entering the pool area through the house unmonitored. By preventing unmonitored access to your pool, the risk of drowning is significantly decreased.

Many people also appreciate a certain degree of privacy around their pool area, especially for people who enjoy sunbathing at home. If you want to have increased privacy for your pool, consider a gapless fence design that offers little-to-no visibility from the ground level.


Just because something is functional doesn’t mean it can’t also be fashionable, and this applies to pool fences as well. When designing an enclosure, think about how you’d like it to look. If privacy isn’t a major concern for you, a glass fence can be very stylish, and can make the whole area feel brighter by reflecting and letting light through. Even a wooden design can be made beautiful with the right materials, the right design, and the right accessories, like plant hangers and storage for pool toys.

If your swimming pool area needs the enclosure and nothing but the best will do, contact your local experts in installing fences in Ottawa and find the design that is right for you.