Important Winter Care for Your Iron Fence in Ottawa.

Winter Care for Iron Fences

How to Protect the Durability of Your Iron Fence

An iron fence is an investment in security, durability, and aesthetics that requires attention and care for years of enjoyment. Ottawa fence experts know that prevention is key to maintaining iron fencing this winter. Follow these easy steps to keep your fence looking great while maintaining the security of your property.


Before the cold weather sets in, take the time to inspect the entire length of your fence. Keep an eye out for shrubs or low branches that grow or hang close by. Remove any of these branches that might add extra weight to your iron fence when ice or snow build up on them, causing branches to sag or snap. Clear away any additional debris that may have become caught in the fence including patches of leaves, grass, or other items. Also, take note of any damaged or signs of rust. Flag these areas with bright ribbon so you can easily return to it for repairs.


Before your fence experiences an Ottawa winter, be sure to repair damaged or rusting areas. If left alone, rust will take over an iron fence, threatening its durability and security. When you find rust, remove it with sandpaper or steel wool. Next, seal the area with wax or a specially formulated sealant to stop rust from spreading. A coat of paint can also help prevent or slow the expansion of rust.


Regular cleaning will keep your fence looking like new while also affording you the opportunity to inspect for problems before they start. Wash the iron rails with warm water and a mild detergent. No need to soak the metal, simply wipe each section gently to remove dirt and buildup.


Moisture is the enemy of your iron fence. Rain, snow, ice, and humidity cause rust to spread. You can prevent rust from starting by sealing the fence with a protective wax. The coat of wax will seal out damage causing moisture.


Consider priming and painting before winter sets in. A rust-proof primer and paint is a great barrier against corrosion that threatens the integrity of your fence. Whether you choose to express yourself with a unique colour or stick to classic black, painting is a great way to prevent damage.

An ounce of prevention is the key to maintaining an iron fence in Ottawa’s winter weather. Follow these tips and you will enjoy the beauty and security of your investment for years to come.