Painting Your Wood Fence This Summer

Painting your wood fence

Get the Know-How to Update Your Fence, Ottawa!

What comes to mind when you picture finally having the time to work on all the summer renovations you thought you would do this season? It might be building a deck in your backyard. Or perhaps it’s patching up and cleaning your roof. However, it is common knowledge to many homeowners that summer is the ideal time to paint your wood fence.

By finding a few hours to paint their fence, Ottawa homeowners like you can enjoy feeling a sense of relief and joy at finally getting the job done―all while enhancing your property’s curb appeal, whether your wood fence surrounds your downtown home or your country residence.

Whether you’re painting or staining your fence, the first step is to make sure it has been cleaned of any mildew or dirt which could have a negative effect on the painting process. Fortunately, gone are the days when cleaning a fence in Ottawa was limited to a bucket of soapy water and a sponge. Today’s homeowners can easily rent a spray washer, which will quickly and effectively pressure clean your fence in no time. Ottawa’s fence experts also advise to move the pressure wand in the direction of the wood grain of your fence as opposed to across the grain: this reduces the risk of visible marks forming in the wood itself.

Now that your fence is free from mildew and dirt, let the painting begin!

When it comes to applying a coat of colour or protective stain on your fence, Ottawa homeowners have the choice of using a spray paint gun, or opting for a traditional brush and using good old-fashioned elbow grease. Painters who have the benefit many years of experience under their belt will most often use a spray paint gun, and then immediately go over the painted area with a dry brush to remove excess paint and fill in any bare spots.

Finally, the best advice to follow when painting your fence is to work in the perfect weather conditions. A hot, humid day could cause paint to peel, while rain is obviously a big thing to avoid. Why not also ask your friends for a little extra help and fun too?

If you feel it’s time to finally paint or stain your fence this summer, you can always count on the expertise of wood fence experts. They have the experience, knowledge, and skill to offer you the help and advice that gets the job done.