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There are many things to consider when it comes time to choose fences for your home or commercial property. Purpose, desired level of privacy, budget, property value and safety are just a few of the factors that will contribute to your decision. Once you have the answers to these preliminary questions, next you will have to select a material for your new fences. Fence One can build your professional quality fences from wood, iron, PVC, or chain link.

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Here are a few other important things to consider before getting started with your fencing project:

  • Are you mainly concerned with the functionality, or the aesthetic appeal, or both, for your new fences? The cost of your fence project will vary greatly depending on your answer to this question. If functionality is your only concern the cost of the fences will be much less than if you are selecting a material for its decorative and functional application.
  • Are there any homeowner, municipal building codes or by-laws that you must comply with regarding the installation of fences in your region? It’s always best to do your research in the beginning of the project, rather than get unwelcomed, and expensive surprises after your fences have been installed. Fence One is always happy to provide guidance but it is always the client’s responsibility to explore and comply with homeowner and municipal rules.
  • Do you know how far your fences must be from neighbouring property lines? Do you need a building permit? In some cases a building permit is required to install fences. Again, Fence One is always happy to provide guidance but it is the client’s responsibility to learn about this prior to moving forward with new fences.
  • Do you have the time and budget to complete any regular maintenance on the fences? Depending on the material you select for your new fences, there may be some routine maintenance required. For example, if you go with wood fences after a couple of seasons you will need to re-stain the fence, in order to protect and preserve the wood. If you do not have the time, the know-how, or the budget for regular maintenance, then you may consider selecting another, lower-maintenance material.
  • Are weather/environmental elements a factor in selecting the material for your fences? For example, if you’re located in an area that experiences a higher than average amount of wind, then you may want to consider an ornamental iron, or chain link fences; materials/designs that have openings that will allow the wind to blow through. If a solid privacy fence design is your preference then choosing a PVC product will be the best choice because of the strength and flexibility characteristics of this fence material.

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