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A Versatile, Modern Fencing Solution

Are you looking to enhance the appearance of your residential, commercial or industrial property while upgrading the level of protection and security from a traditional wooden fence? If so, Fence One’s chain-link fence installation services offer a highly versatile alternative. Additionally, this form of fencing is perhaps the most affordable option for residential and commercial customers. We offer residential, light commercial, and heavy Industrial material options to suit the needs of any client while exceeding expectations regarding quality control and resilience.

Chain Link Fence

Fencing Designed to Complement Your Property Over Time

Chain-link fences are made from woven, inter-locking steel wire, and their stability comes from powder-coated steel posts that are anchored into concrete footings before the fencing material is attached. Affordable and tough, chain-link fences have a variety of applications and can be used on almost all varieties of terrain. They are commonly used to enclose areas such as backyards, playgrounds, and sports fields, as well as industrial areas and private areas in commercial environments for employees only. It’s common in Ottawa’s residential areas to see a chain-link fence installed and then lined with cedar hedges. Over time, these hedges envelop the fence, providing a decorative front to a fence that will do a great job to contain an area while keeping it safe and secure.

Cost-Effective, Future-Facing Fencing

One major advantage of installing a Fence One chain-link fence in Ottawa is the low purchase and installation cost; it is perhaps the fastest type of fence to install, and if ever there is damage to a particular section of the fence, it can quickly and easily be cut out and replaced at minimal expense. New galvanized steel fencing that replaces an older section will match the rest of the fence, thereby eliminating the need to replace the entire fence and helping you save even further. Additionally, the low maintenance requirements of a chain-link fence provide property owners with a simplistic yet effective fencing solution that can last for decades. As a further enhancement, a range of chain-link fencing accessories are available from us and in many home renovation outlets across Ottawa.

If you are seeking an economical and strong fence that complements its surrounding, then a chain-link fencing system may be the ideal solution for your home or business. Contact us at Fence One today for more information, or to request a consultation.

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