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Timeless Fencing Solution

An ornamental iron fence is an elegant option for your residence, pool, or commercial property. It is also a highly resilient, strong, and reliable fencing solution that is effective at safeguarding any property when professionally installed. Iron fences are less expensive than PVC and incorporate unique design elements that lend a decorative, highly artistic elegance to any property that is unmatched by other fencing materials. Iron fences in Ottawa are often selected not just for their visual appeal, but also for the enhanced security level they provide.

Iron Fence

Elegant and Secure

Iron fencing will provide an open yet durable border on any property that maintains an effective level of strength and security. These advantages of durability, openness, security, and attractiveness make iron fencing systems a popular choice around backyard swimming pools, gardens, and landscaping elements. The ornate design and dark colour of iron fencing make for a striking contrast against the vibrant colours of flowers and greenery, and it offers an attractive contrast against swimming pools and wooden decks. Simply put, these fences deliver a prestigious atmosphere to your home or business that can increase property value and appearance while better safeguarding against security breaches.

Custom Iron Fence Design and Installation

If you’ve made the decision to go with an iron fence around your home or business, the Fence One team will happily provide a custom design consultation and professional installation specifically catered to meet your needs and exceed expectations. Regardless of whether you operate a business and want to attract more customers with a sophisticated new exterior look or want to make your home more secure without eliminating outward views of surrounding scenery, iron fencing systems present an attractive and highly efficient solution. The Fence One team will carry out a detail-focused, attentive installation to ensure that your fencing lasts for longer.

The low-maintenance properties of an iron fence in Ottawa make it a popular choice amongst home and business owners who dislike the maintenance associated with the upkeep of select wood fences. Ornamental iron fencing has a durable polyester powder coat with enhanced UV protection, and Fence One installations come complete with a 20-year limited warranty. As a result, you will benefit from fencing that provides enhanced property value and exterior attractiveness while being financially protected for whenever the need arises to perform repairs as it ages. Furthermore, the curb appeal and character of an iron fence – coupled with its longevity – make it a great choice for any property.

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