Be Inspired: A Chain Link Fence is a Blank Canvas

There’s a reason that a chain link fence is more commonly associated with security in an industrial context. They are very functional but not very attractive. That being said, fence companies in Ottawa are seeing an increase in their use for private homes because they are the most affordable, as well as very durable with little maintenance required.

While it is not the most visually appealing type of fence, it is still an attractive choice for many home-owners who want to create a protected space for pets and children.  It also appeals to those who have just spent a lot of money installing a pool and are looking for a cheaper option to respect City of Ottawa by-laws, which require pools, hot tubs and ponds to be fenced-in (Ottawa fence companies are familiar with these regulations and can provide advice and guidance on the subject).

Here’s the good news! There’s no need to sacrifice beauty for affordability and functionality. You can have both. In fact, in many ways, the chain link fences provide opportunities to beautify your yard even more than other fencing options. Hiring an Ottawa fence company to install your chain link fence is just the beginning. Once installed, consider your chain link fence a canvas on which you can let loose your creativity (or if you’re not known for your artistic talent, enlist another family member in the project).

You won’t believe the options available for decorating this type of fence. Let’s take a quick look at some of them and see if inspiration strikes you.

Privacy slats: These are the most well-known embellishments for the chain link fence. They come in a variety of colours and create a privacy screen. You can weave them in yourself or some Ottawa fence companies might offer the option of a fence with the pre-woven slats included. If you had your heart set on a wooden fence but couldn’t afford it, you can get slats which mimic the colour and texture of wood.

Flowers and plants:

Another well-known embellishments, flowers and plants such as climbing vines can create a beautiful look for your fence and, depending on density, also provide a privacy screen.

Put-in cups:

Inspired from the Dixie cups and used mainly to promote team spirit at sporting events. These are specially designed plastic inserts which allow you to create designs and even write words.

Hanging artwork: You can create your own (or purchase) paintings on tiles or thin slabs of rock to hang along your chain link fence. Some rock or metal sculptures can also do the trick. If painting your own, remember to use outdoor paint that can withstand the elements.

Lace and yarn:  Yes, you’ve read that correctly! There’s a Dutch company that weaves lace designs into chain link to create a beautiful façade for any property. For a do it yourself project, you’ll need someone who is handy with weaving or knitting and it’s amazing what you can do.