Winter Care for Composite Decks in Ottawa

Composite Decks in Ottawa

Ottawa Deck Experts Share Maintenance Tips to Protect Your Investment

Do you own a composite deck in Ottawa? If it’s a new deck, you may be wondering how it will hold up against the winter weather, and how best to take care of it. Fortunately, winter seems to be off to a late start, and there’s still plenty of time to prepare. Here’s what you need to know about winter care and maintenance of your new deck, straight from the experienced Ottawa deck builders:


Fortunately for you, composite decking is quite resilient to the elements! Unlike traditional wood decking, it is made of a composite—hence its name—of wood fibers and recycled plastic held together by a binding agent. The end result is something much stronger than a traditional wood deck, and much more weather-resistant to boot. You won’t have to worry about rot, mildew, or any other undesirable growth, and it’s resistant to cracks, warping, and splitting.

This doesn’t mean, however, that you don’t still need to be careful about how you maintain your composite deck during Ottawa’s winter months. Both in shovelling and using ice melt, there are certain guidelines to be followed.


As a general rule, you shouldn’t use anything harder than the composite material itself on the deck. This includes metal shovels and ice scrapers, especially ones with sharp edges, which will absolutely damage the surface. Opt instead for a plastic shovel.

Ice-Melting Products

When it comes to using ice melt on decks, Ottawa experts warn that you should be very particular about the products you choose. Many recommend using a product that is calcium chloride-based or otherwise rated as safe for concrete and grass. Some ice melts have added colours in them, which is intended to help you clearly see their distribution. However, these products should be avoided, as they contain dyes which can leave stains. Sand, gravel, and other abrasive materials are also a big “no,” since they can damage the deck and reduce its lifespan.

When Spring Comes

Once spring arrives and the snow and the ice melt for good (until next year, anyway), give your deck a nice, thorough cleaning. You can use a gentle spray washer, but don’t blast it at full-force with a pressure washer lest you risk damaging the surface. If the winter has left behind any stains on your deck, you can clean these off with any appropriate cleaning agent that won’t damage or stain the material.

Follow these tips, and your deck will make it through the winter in great shape. Aren’t you glad you got a composite deck in Ottawa?