Winter Fence Installs

Winter Fence

When the winter season arrives, it usually means it’s time to pack it all in and put any home improvement projects on hold for next year. But when it comes to installing a fence, winter installs are possible if the weather cooperates. So if you’re looking to install a fence on your property, whether it’s as a DYI or by a professional, here’s what you need to know.

Can You Install a Fence in the Winter?

Winter installations are possible, but only if the temperature is warm enough so the ground is workable. If there is too much snow, workers won’t be able to access the ground either. So it certainly takes ideal weather conditions. Sometimes, you can get that great lull during the first initial weeks of winter, where the weather is still a few degrees above freezing and there isn’t any messy snow or ice to deal with. This is when the ground is optimal for getting started with the installation of the fence posts, and ensuring that they are nice and even. Of course, this only applies if the weather cooperates, which is no guarantee. Once the freeze comes and the snow piles up, it’s time to pack up for the great indoors until March or April at the earliest.

Alternatively, if you were to wait until the springtime, the frequent rainfall can make the ground excessively soft, which can make it difficult to achieve a stable and level fence line.

Winter Discounts

The other advantage of using the wintertime for creating your fence is that some companies can offer winter discounts. Since it tends to be a slower time of the year, you can take advantage of the potential discounted rates that some fencing installation experts may offer. If the company is closed for the winter or the weather won’t allow for installations, don’t worry – take the time now to book your spring fence installation before everyone else!

When Not to Install a Fence

Installing a fence during the winter of course, comes with limitations. There are a few specific weather conditions that should be avoided when considering starting the installation process. If your area has received excessive rainfall, or snow, then your best bet is to wait and leave the installation until the ground has cleared and dried up. The other factor is the temperature. If the temperature in your area has been well below freezing for several days, digging through the ground to secure the fencing posts can be a challenge not worth attempting.

Always avoid beginning your fence installation until after these weather conditions have cleared.