New Year’s Resolution is a New Deck? Here Are Some Things To Think About

New Year's Resolution

Just because the winter weather has arrived doesn’t mean you can’t start planning out your outdoor projects for the following spring. The New Year is a great time to sit down with a warm cup of coffee (Bailey’s optional) and plan out all the tasks and projects that have been ignored or placed on the back-burner for far too long.

If you’ve been procrastinating a new deck installation in your backyard, maybe now is the time you should plan it all out and set a timeframe to get it done. So this year for your New Year’s resolution, start planning our your new deck so your Ottawa deck contractor can get started when the snow begins to melt.

Here’s how to get started:

Determine if a Permit is Required

In the City of Ottawa, a building permit is required for a deck that is attached to your home and has a walking surface more than 24” above adjacent grade. All decks with an area greater than 10 square metres (108 square feet) also require a permit. If in doubt, please ask your deck contractor or the City of Ottawa.

Understand the Fundamentals

If you haven’t taken on a deck DYI before and feel a little out of depth but are determined, make sure that you do your homework on all of the factors that must be weighed in when creating a secure structure. This entails fundamentals, such as foot size and spacing, joist sizing, beam sizing, railing guidelines, and staircase construction.

Plan Out the Layout

The layout and design of the deck should be given proper consideration. Certain elements, such as the sun, BBQ, furniture, and any other features, should all be taken into consideration when mapping out the blueprints of what you want as the final construct. The key is to optimize space, provide sufficient shade and make it a space that suits your lifestyle and backyard.

Hire a Professional

As much as we love to take on a good DYI challenge, it can be a preferable option sometimes to just leave the design and build to the professionals. As simple as a deck build may appear, it can actually be quite complicated, especially if you have littler prior knowledge or experience. When in doubt, ensure that your new deck is safe, sound, functional, and beautiful by placing it in the hands of a professional.

Building your own deck can be a fun project to undertake, but there are a variety of important factors to consider before getting started. Take advantage of the winter months to plan out your design or hire a professional to create the perfect deck so you can scratch it off your list of New Year’s resolutions.