5 Backyard Projects to Tackle This Month

5 Backyard Projects

Between the family gatherings, countless barbeques, and lounging under the sun – your backyard has seen a lot of activity during the summer months. But as the season begins to dwindle, and the cooler air appears, it means it’s time to tackle a few projects before winter arrives. So before the cold weather sets in, don’t forget to tackle these five backyard projects first.

Protect the Deck

We know how depressing it can be to pack up your patio furniture for the winter, but it has to be done. And once it’s removed, it’s a perfect opportunity to take a look over your deck and perform any repairs or replacement of rotten wood planks. Be sure to give it a thorough cleaning, and apply a protective finish if there are any signs of moisture damage.

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Your fence is also exposed the elements constantly, with wind and rain whipping against it. So while you’re assessing and protecting your deck, do the same with your fence. Repair any broken sections or areas that are unstable. If your fence is in a state of ill-repair, you may consider investing in a new fence.

Build a Shed for Extra Storage

You know that extra shed you meant to build at the beginning of summer? Well, consider this your crunch time to get it done. There’s no better time to get that structure built than when the season is ending and you have to use it for extra storage. Don’t leave this until the cold weather arrives or your patio furniture will suffer.

Protect Your Trees and Shrubs

You’ve spent a lot of time and money on creating your beautiful garden, so you want to be sure that those shrubs and trees will make it through the winter. Go to your local home garden centre and find the necessary materials for wrapping your trees and shrubs in to protect them from the winter frost.

Clear out Your Pots

Take the time while the weather is still pleasant to clear out old pots and prep them for the next year. This will save you the hassle of dealing with them in the spring when they’re full of debris.

Dealing with the end of summer is something many of us wish to avoid. But you can only avoid it for so long until it’s too late. Don’t leave your backyard projects until the last minute when you have to suffer through the colder temperatures to get them done. Bite the bullet, make a list and set a date to tackle them so that you can relax and enjoy what’s left of the milder weather.