A Quick Guide to Backyard Privacy

Backyard Privacy

Privacy can be a hard thing to come by these days. With denser neighbourhoods, that ever-growing urban sprawl, and the new neighbours that like to peer into your yard – finding a little peace and quiet in the comfort of your backyard seems as impossible as ever. Well, don’t lose hope. There are a few simple ways you can gain back a bit of the privacy. Here’s how:

A Wall of Green

Shrubs, plants, and trees can be your best friends when it comes to shielding your view from those sunbathing neighbours. There are a variety of shrubs and miniature trees that will grow and can easily be maintained for creating a perfect barrier of green space. It’s a great way to recapture some privacy without feeling offensive by installing a towering fence, especially if you prefer a more natural look to your garden. Evergreens are a common choice for this reason.

Potted Plants

There’s such an array of potted plants that can grow nice and tall to get that perfect touch of privacy. For example, ferns or even bamboo are great for placing in pots along your deck or seating areas. They’re convenient because they can be easily moved into those key spots that have a view that’s a bit too clear for your liking.

Wooden Pergolas and Vines

For outdoor spaces such as a dining area, lounging area or deck, you can construct a simple pergola with wooden panels that act as a natural enclosure. Plant a few vines along them and you’ll have the perfect amount of privacy and shade, all in one.

Fountain and Ornamental Walls

If you’re looking for a way to not only block the view but also drown out the sound, consider installing a fountain piece, coupled by an ornamental wall behind it. They look great and they compliment each other as a feature piece, while drowning out the sights and sounds next door.

Decorative Curtains

One very simple way to get instant privacy it is by hanging a few decorative curtains along your deck or enclosure. You can drape them along in sections, bundle them up, and close them fully when needed.

Privacy Fence

You didn’t think we’d forget to mention adding a new fence, did you? As Ottawa’s premier fencing company, we have a wide range of privacy fences in a number of different materials, finishes, and colours to suit your exact needs and style preferences. Wood fences and PVC fences are particularly effective as privacy fences, but ornamental iron fences in combination with these other elements such as shrubs and plants can also create a sense of seclusion.

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