3 Tips When Tearing Down an Old Fence

Tearing Down and Old Fence

So it’s finally reached that time when you can’t stand to look at that fence any longer. Time to tear it down! But whether you’re sick of the barrier or simply want to replace it – there are a few things you need to know before you go full throttle at it, for the sake of your safety and to maximize your effort. Follow these three tips before you get started.


1. Make Sure You Own the Fence!

There’s nothing worse that swinging away at a fence, only to realize that in the finer print of what you actually own, it doesn’t include that dilapidated fence. If you’re new to the property and unsure about the ownership of the fence, do your homework and research before you start swinging any hammers.

If the fence belongs to your neighbours and you’re still as eager to tear it down, talk to them about it. If you’re willing to install your own fence, they might just be willing to let that old one go, or better yet – split the cost.

2. Call Before You Dig

Anytime you are installing or uninstalling a structure that penetrates the ground, it’s a smart move to call your local utility company before you get started. By contacting them, they can inform you of any gas, electrical or water lines lingering below the surface. This may seem like an over-cautious step, but if you happen to hit any of these lines, you’ll wish you had called. Play it safe.

3. The Tear Down

Before you start swinging away, determine whether you plan to keep the fence posts or not. If they are in good condition and you plan to install a new fence, you can leave them be. However, if your posts easily move when you push on them, they’ve probably had their time. You can either cut them at the base of their footings if you don’t plan on replacing the fence or wiggle them until they’re free from the ground.

If the posts are in there firmly, there are a variety of techniques you should research in more detail on how to handle them.

To remove the old fencing, it helps to use a chainsaw or electrical saw to make vertical cuts along each section beside the fence posts. If you don’t have an electrical saw, you can dismantle your fence board by board using your hammer. Just hammer each board until some of the nails are sticking out. Then just wiggle the nails and board out until they are free.

Even a simple job such as tearing down an old fence has some intricacies that are important to know before jumping in. Use these tips before you get started to ensure it goes as planned.

To save yourself the trouble, you can hire a professional fencing company. As a full-service company, we handle everything from removing the old fence to designing and installing a new wood, PVC, ornamental iron, or chain link fence to your exact specifications and style preferences.

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