Designing a Garden That Wows

Designing a Garden

Whether your Ottawa home has a large sprawling backyard or is limited to a small patch of green, your backyard represents a great deal of potential for those who want to design their garden to wow. If you are interested in how you can make your backyard space stand out, then consider the following design tips listed below.

Start with Landscaping

When it comes to landscaping, work on clearly definable borders between different parts of your garden space. Use materials to help delineate space and be aware that keeping borders neat will go a long way to creating an eye-catching garden space. Landscaping can be taken to the next level and be used to help terrace the land in such a way as to create a beautiful space where elevation is strategically used to draw the eye towards and away from different parts of the garden. Draw out what you want your garden to look like and landscape accordingly.

Focus on Entertainment Areas

While landscaping may emphasize form, providing function to your garden is often what your space will be missing. Entertainment areas can include places for people to sit, outdoor grills, pools, hammocks, chairs, garden paths, and more. Entertainment areas should be laid out in such a way as they are not too condensed. Doing so will leave the space feeling open and purposeful. An important thing about entertainment areas to consider is the aesthetic you are going for. Whatever your entertainment area looks like, it should match the rest of your garden aesthetic.

Incorporate a New Deck

Whether they are raised above the ground several feet or right at ground level, decks can create interesting spaces in your garden. They can be tiered in such a way as to create interesting visual effects. In addition, they become premier entertainment areas, providing a great deal of variety and interest in your backyard space.

Consider Fencing

Installing fencing both on the borders and within your garden space can help to create notable boundaries. They can be used to block line of sight, draw the eye to parts of the garden, and even help with things like pest control. New fencing in particular can go a long way to changing the visual aesthetic of the space you have, bringing it to life and making the garden space pop.

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