Wood Fencing, The Timeless Choice

Wood Fencing

From Ottawa to Nepean, Kanata to Orleans, Barrhaven to Gatineau, fencing provides the service of offering a clear delineation between spaces. Whether it be the borders between properties or the borders of gardens, there is a great deal of variety when it comes to fences. Variety comes from design, purpose, and materials used.

A timeless choice that provides a great atmosphere, wood fences are a popular favourite. While metal and chain link fences have their own appeal, wood fences maintain their unique visual quality throughout their life. Let’s take a moment to make the case for wood fencing. In particular, we will focus on how wood fences are timeless, sustainable, and affordable.


As we mentioned above, a wood fence is timeless. It looks great, provides line of sight obstruction, and it can come in an incredibly wide variety of forms. Emphasizing a rustic beauty, wood fencing is easy to install and maintain. In addition, it will not go out of fashion. Installing a wood fence now will mean that even 30 or 40 years later, it will still look good with a bit of care. Matching other exterior materials on houses and properties, wood fencing (more than any other material choice) is the most timeless.


Wood fences are sustainable in two different ways. First, wood fences are easy to repair. You can replace individual wood planks pretty easily and replacing sections of fencing is straightforward. Another thing to consider is that wood fences are made of sustainable and renewable wood. Unlike metal or plastic fences, wood fences use materials that can be grown and are replaceable. For any person who likes helping the planet while supporting local businesses, wood fences are the way to go. Our wood fences are made of quality western red cedar and affordable pressure treated pine, giving customers an attractive choice no matter your budget.


Granted, some fencing materials up front are more affordable than wood. However, as they years go by, you end up making up some of the cost through repair and replacement fees. While wood fences will cost you less to replace over time, other fences may rust or deteriorate. Wood fences can stand up to the elements quite well and are naturally good at fighting off things that will lead to wear and tear in other materials. When well treated and cared for, a wood fence will last for decades in good health. A definite “wow” material, wood fences should be your first choice when it comes to building a new fence on your property. You will be happy you chose wood.

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