The Great (and Gorgeous) Divide: Ornamental Fences!

More than a basic chain-link fence, a beautiful wrought iron ornamental fence will instantly give character to any space — whether residential or commercial — by the simple virtue of its esthetic value, durability and innate originality. It will enhance the beauty of whatever it surrounds, be it your landscaped backyard, your garden or your swimming pool! But did you know ornamental fencing is affordable too? Whether you are installing a fence for purely decorative, privacy, or security reasons, read on to learn how designers and regular homeowners use this type of fence, and what to look for when choosing your fence.

Beauty in Strength
Iron fences are truly elegant and can be as simple or as ornate as you wish them to be — and are less expensive than PVC fences as well! They give stately character to your enclosure and they have the advantage of providing you with a solid, low-maintenance option. Did you know many iron fences have a built-in UV protector that is backed by a 20-year guarantee? If strength, character and affordability are your main criteria for your next fence, a wrought iron ornamental fence is a terrific option.

Uses of Ornamental Fencing
The innate dark colour of iron fences gives a ‘pop’ of colour to the elements it surrounds, such as a garden or pool. You can also choose to grow vines on your fence for a truly exotic look! Since one can see between the iron posts, this type of fence is ideal if you want to protect an area while not blocking its enjoyable view. A reputable fencing company can provide you with a design consultation and inform you on what you need to know when installing ornamental fencing, such as city by-laws and, if necessary, required building permits.

So why not surround yourself with beauty for years to come?  You can boldly enhance the value and look of your property by investing in our architecturally designed fence.  You won’t regret a creatively designed ornamental fence tailored to fit your specific needs and reflect the pride you have in your home and landscape.  You can solidly rely of ornamental fences to protect what is most important to you.