To Fence or Not To Fence

Gone are the days of free space, empty lots, and grass as far as the eye can see.  Life now consists of fences, limits, and boundaries.  They protect us and our families; they offer a sense of security, financial and otherwise, and add stylistic flair to any establishment.

Fences come in several different varieties – some are made of wood or iron, while others make use of man-made materials, namely PVC.

Commonly known as PVC, Polyvinyl chloride is a type of polymer and it’s quite a popular choice for traditional fencing needs.  While the initial expense of a PVC fence might seem a little high, the product will prove itself over the years through its durability.  Harsh winters will be no match for a PVC fence in Ottawa; these fences can weather everything from the cold and hail to extreme heat.  Despite its relation to plastic there is no likely basis for PVC melting during the summer, even in Ottawa’s sweltering August heat.  This type of fence is also low maintenance.

A PVC fence in Ottawa can be used on commercial and residential properties.  Because of the qualities of PVC fence, there is no staining, sanding or even painting required, which cuts down on the long-term cost significantly.  Say goodbye to worries about corrosion or rotting when you install a PVC fence – with the unpredictable weather in Ottawa is it really worth taking a chance with the borders on your property? Go with a PVC fence and never worry again.

For those who prefer the traditional look, there is white PVC fencing available to emulate that “white picket fence” ideal; a PVC fence in Ottawa demonstrates both style and success.

Another advantage to fencing in your yard, particularly with a PVC fence in Ottawa is that the PVC will help cut down on noise.  Unlike wood, which resonates with every little vibration, PVC will absorb and hold sound.  Your neighbour’s lawnmower might not be drowned out, but it will be toned down.

If you live near a high traffic area PVC will help reduce noise from cars, trucks, and even construction.  What with houses popping up all over the place now, PVC fences are becoming more popular among those whose homes border on construction zones.

PVC fence is great for privacy too.  One of PVC’s best features is the fact that it won’t bend, splinter or gradually create gaps between its planks unlike wood.  If you want to keep your pool time just for you or have a snooze in the sun without worrying about the whole neighbourhood peeking in on you, go with PVC fencing – you won’t look back.