PVC Fence Maintenance 101

PVC Fence Maintenance

Handle Everything from Typical Dirt to Stubborn Grease on Your PVC Fence in Ottawa

It may cost more up front, but when you decided to get that PVC fence, you were looking at the big picture. Though many may tout it as “maintenance-free,” the truth about PVC (polyvinyl chloride, known colloquially as vinyl) is that there will be maintenance involved—it’s just a lot easier than your typical fence! This is because the typical PVC fence Ottawa homes have doesn’t splinter or rot like wood, doesn’t rust like metal, and is incredibly strong and durable. Because of this, the bulk—if not all—of your maintenance will revolve around cleaning. Here’s how.

Regular Care

Dirt, dust, mud… they just tend to get everywhere, don’t they? Especially when you have a snowy winter and a muddy spring like we have, a PVC fence in Ottawa certainly gets its fair share of mess. Rain will take some of it away, but you’ll have to do some of the work yourself. Fortunately, regular cleaning of dirt and the like is relatively simple; in fact, you could do it with basic dish soap or all-purpose cleaning products you likely already own! Hose down the fence, and then tackle what’s left with warm soapy water and a towel or a non-abrasive scrubbing pad. Rinse and you’re done—until the next time, of course!

Advanced Care

Sadly, some stains take a little more than household soap. You can clean your PVC fence with bleach, but how much you use will depend on the colour of the fence. A quick chemistry lesson: oxidizing bleaches break down the chemical bonds that make up a chromophore—which is what gives a molecule its colour. This makes the molecule colourless, and it can affect the vinyl of your fence, so the darker a fence you have, the more diluted a bleach solution you should be using.

Oil, Grease, and Beyond

Some stains are just tougher than even bleach can handle. Oil, grease, and tar stains of any kind are notably tough, as are caulk, wax, and some grass stains. When facing down such a stain, you’ll want a powerful solvent on your side, like mineral spirits. Be careful when handling mineral spirits, as they are flammable and may cause irritation to the skin or eyes. Use gloves and goggles when cleaning your PVC fence with any chemical solvent.

Begin by scraping any excess dirt or grime away with a plastic scraper, and then rub the stained area with a cloth and the solvent solution you are using. It should become clean in no time! Then simply rinse, and you’re done.

If you come across any other problem with your fence, the experts on PVC fences in Ottawa are always available to help with any issue you may have.