Are You Ready To Fall In Love… With Composite Decks?

Composite Decks

Ottawa Deck Builders Introduce You to This Low-Maintenance Material

Would your backyard benefit from a gorgeous deck you can enjoy almost all year round? Is your old wooden deck —your former pride and joy — now a splinter hazard for you and your children? If so, why not learn more about the possibilities offered by installing a composite deck which will address all these issues, and then some?

Just like the best Ottawa deck builders, it seems there is nothing a composite deck can’t do! Esthetically pleasing, low-maintenance and fun for the entire family, these decks can easily be installed even this fall.

But what exactly are the benefits of installing a composite deck in your backyard this year?

Low-Maintenance and Durability Year After Year

As Ottawa deck builders are well aware, composite decks do not rot or splinter. Furthermore, if your area has been affected by termites, you will be pleased to hear that composite decks completely eliminate the risk of having to deal with that pesky parasite.

You won’t need to paint your deck after our harsh Canadian winter either – with this type of deck, you will have a beautiful deck 365 days a year!

Versatility in Colour and Design

The options are endless when it comes to choosing what type of composite deck is right for the look and feel of your backyard space. Today, homeowners can choose between PVC, premium resin, or other materials offered in hues ranging from white to walnut, and all the shades in between.
You can design any type of deck with composite materials. If you wish to build the deck yourself, be sure to check your local building code to ensure you are complying with safety measures enforced in your area. When in doubt, you can always call upon the expertise of Ottawa deck builders
who have years of experience installing decks of all shapes and sizes.

A Pleasantly Smooth Surface

Some composite deck manufacturers have created a specially designed feature in their composite paneling: hidden screws between the composite panels eliminate the need to see nails everywhere on your deck. The result is a smooth surface that can look exactly like painted wood, without the hassle of mold, termites or splintering.

Your feet will love your new backyard addition. If you need an excuse to spend more time outside this year, you may have just found it!

Have more questions? Call your Ottawa deck builders to get started today!