Get a PVC Fence in Ottawa This Year!

PVC Fence in Ottawa

If Your Ottawa Home Needs a New Fence, Look No Further

Do you need a new fence for your Ottawa home this year? You certainly aren’t short on options—wood, aluminum and iron are just a few of the materials available to frame your home and yard, in order to match the look and feel you desire most. But this article isn’t about them. Instead, we’re going to talk about why you should get a PVC fence in Ottawa this year, and the benefits that come with it. PVC, also called vinyl, is a strong, durable plastic that has been gaining popularity as a fencing material over the past three decades due to its many advantages.

It Can Stand Up to Our Winters

Not to mention the rest of the weather that the nation’s capital throws at you on a regular basis! The great thing about vinyl is that it’s much stronger and less porous than wood. It’s also flexible enough that it won’t blow over or become loose in strong winds, and repeated exposure to moisture poses no threat of rot, mildew, warping, or any other damage. And when the ice, snow, and freezing temperatures beset us year after year, your PVC fence in Ottawa will be in just as good shape at the end as it was at the beginning.

It’s Low-Maintenance

Since vinyl doesn’t lose its colour, stain easily, rust, or splinter, it’s incredibly easy-to-maintain, and a perfect choice for a fence in Ottawa. Be sure to clean it regularly with a gentle soap and some warm water, and it will keep looking great for years to come, regardless of rain, snow, mud, dirt, and other rough conditions. Be careful however not to use abrasive tools on the PVC fence. If you are sprinkling driveway salt or ice melt in its vicinity, make sure the product is calcium-chloride based and dye-free (dyes are more likely to stain the PVC than most things).

It’s Cost-Effective

Everything that was just mentioned regarding maintenance certainly helps take a chunk out of the total cost of ownership of a PVC fence for Ottawa homeowners. In addition, the material is much less expensive than wood or metal, and because it’s easy to install, you can save even more on the initial upfront cost if you are willing to install it yourself. Furthermore, because it lasts for years with minimal repairs, this investment will last. At the end of its useable life, you can simply recycle it—so you won’t only save money, but you’ll feel good about your ecological footprint too.
If you’re ready for a new fence in Ottawa, then take the time to consider vinyl and the many benefits it can offer you!