Backyard Fencing Solutions: Pool Fences

As summer approaches, children will be looking to keep cool by splashing around in pools. But what seems like a harmless summer activity can be deadly if safety precautions aren’t properly followed. According to the Canadian Red Cross website, 72% of pool drownings in 2013 were linked to the fact that there was no fence surrounding the pool area. Ottawa fence companies have been servicing residential neighbourhoods for years keeping customers happy and safe on their properties and around their pools. Fences can protect your children and animals from leaving your property, they can protect your family from intruders entering your property and when placed around a pool, a safety fence can prevent people or animals from falling in and potentially downing.

Homeowners who have a pool need to contact Ottawa fence companies because a City of Ottawa by-law dictates that pools must be enclosed by a fence for safety reasons. Along with fences being a safety requirement, pool owners should also consider three other pool safety precautions. First, constant supervision is a must; children should never be left alone in the pool even if they are experienced swimmers. Second, swimming classes can be a big help in keeping children safe in and around pools. Third, a floatation device such as a life jacket or arm floats should be worn to help prevent drowning amongst inexperienced swimmers. Combine all these safety measures and your pool area will remain safe for you and your family to enjoy.

We also need to consider that in an expanding city like Ottawa, with so many new home developments and home improvement projects, fences are also important in attaining privacy and of course aesthetic appeal. Recent fence trends used by Ottawa fence companies include iron and PVC fences, which satisfy different needs. Iron is popular because of its durability and it is considered the preferred choice when installing fences around a pool area because it allows for easy access and visibility. PVC on the other hand is in demand because of its newer and more modern look; this form of fencing is also chosen when homeowners are looking for increased privacy and lower maintenance. Having a pool fence does more than simply set the boundaries of a property, it also creates privacy, safety and appeal.