From PVC to Chain Link – Fantastic Fence Features You Might Have Forgotten

Fences are popular additions to many homes. Although you might not view fences as exciting, whether it’s a wood, iron, chain link, or PVC fence, it offers more features than you might think.


Fences can enhance the look of your home. Don’t think of it as simply a fence – think of it as part of your design! There are many types of fences, including wood, PVC, iron and chain link. Each material has a unique look and style, allowing you to choose the option that best complements your home. From a design standpoint, fences made from iron and PVC are usually very visually appealing.


According the Pool Enclosure By-law No. 2013 – 39, the City of Ottawa requires enclosures for any privately owned outdoor pools (enclosures can include anything from a PVC to an iron fence). This regulation ensures the safety of others and the prevention of drowning accidents.

For those with dogs, fences are a must. A fence allows your pet to roam without any worry about them wandering. Meaning, a PVC fence can actually make the difference in your peace of mind, your pet’s safety AND the safety of others.


Installing fences offer homeowners something very precious – privacy! No one wants to sit in his or her backyard facing crazy neighbor Dave mowing the lawn without a shirt on again. Fences offer your family the comfort of your backyard, privately. To enhance privacy, try opting for fences made from wood or PVC. Materials like PVC are especially durable and they provide noise-reducing benefits as well.

Property Value

Installing a fence is actually an investment. Whether it’s made from PVC or chain link, properly installed fences will enhance the curb appeal of your house. Why? Well, for all the reasons mentioned above. And, while a new fence may just be your lowest maintenance investment, make sure to check for insect nests and keep an eye out for damage. If you see any broken pieces, call for repairs right away. Opting for a strong material such as PVC will avoid maintenance issues and ensure a long lasting investment.