Express Yourself! With a Custom Wood Fence

There are a lot of things to think about when considering your fencing in Ottawa. Temperature, budget, aesthetic, longevity, and quality are all things to consider. This decision can be made pretty simple by choosing one particular type of fence though: a wood fence. A wood fence addresses all the concerns that someone considering fencing in Ottawa would need to think about because it’s a solid choice (pun intended). It’s actually really hard to go wrong with a wood fence. But there are other things to consider than just the type of material you use: design is extremely important, especially for the aesthetic. Here are the main things you need to consider when installing a wood fence:

Type of Wood:

Fencing in Ottawa becomes a little bit easier once you’ve chosen to go with a wood fence because it’s so versatile. Choices for your wood fence range from cypress, cedar, oak, redwood, to pine and several others. Fencing in Ottawa also needs to account for which wood stands up best to weather and insects and which is most affordable for you. Many of these woods actually symbolize different things and convey certain traits. So make sure to look into what your choice actually means besides how it looks.

Wood offers a great deal of customization in terms of the design. It can create total privacy from your neighbours, blend into the surrounding area or even create a rustic look. The wood can be cut into a variety of different shapes that convey certain aesthetics. And the pattern that the fence takes can also do that same job: from a trelliswork, to board and fence, to privacy fences and gates. Wood fences make fencing in Ottawa a lot more fun and creative than it should be.

Paint or Stain:
When fencing in Ottawa, the choice of whether to paint or stain your wood fence really comes up to the look you’re going for. Both can help increase the longevity of your wood fence along with creating a great look. You can stain your fence if you want a more understated look that blends in, or you can paint it a bright funky colour if you want to make a bold statement!
Your fence is a pretty large investment and takes up a huge amount of your yard when finished. The customization that a wood allows you is a great opportunity to make a statement about you, your house, and your personality.