Chain Link vs. Wood Fences

Choosing a fence for your home can be a tough decision. With so many options to choose from, comparing the following three categories will make deciding on a chain link fence or a wood fence much easier. Below, we’ll focus on the cost, durability and style.


One of the first things we often ask ourselves about renovating or adding a new addition to our home is the price it will cost. Whether you have a budget or are looking to add a bit more luxury to your humble abode here are some things to consider when choosing a chain link or wood fence.

Chain link fencing is known to be the most cost effective choice. The materials are easily assembled and the fences can be installed quickly and efficiently. Wooden fencing is very customizable and is also an affordable option compared to other higher end materials. Lumber is a material that is easily accessible and ready to install which makes for a great option for a new fence.


Perhaps the most important thing to consider when choosing to install a chain link fence or a wood fence is the durability. If you’re going to use your hard earned money towards a new addition to your property, you want to make sure it lasts. Here are some facts on the latter.

Chain link fencing is low maintenance and is a top choice for residential and commercial properties. The materials are very easy to produce and install which means that if it is ever damaged, replacing a section of the fence is no problem. These types of fences are built to withstand the elements and can a last a very long time.

The longevity of wooden fencing depends on the maintenance that is put into it. If maintained well, these types of fences can last a very long time. However, they do require attention to ensure they do not rot or get damaged. The good news is that if a fence board is damaged, it is very easy to source material in order to replace it.


Once you’ve considered the cost and quality of your new chain link fence or wood fence it comes down to style – what kind of appearance would you like your yard to have? Here are a couple of things to consider about the style of your new fence.

Chain fencing is often seen in sports field, school yards and industrial areas, but can give a very clean look to your home. They provide security to your home and the neutral metal tone won’t clash with your exterior designs. With wooden fences, it is very easy to customize both the colour and texture. Wood stains come in a variety of different shades and can give your home a very polished look.