Chain Link Fence — the Smart Choice

Chain Link Fence

If Your Ottawa Business Needs a Fence, Chain Link Should Be Your First Choice

If you’re thinking of putting a fence up around your business, or a part thereof, you may not immediately think of a chain link fence. This style of fencing admittedly doesn’t look like much—surely it can’t measure up to its wood or vinyl counterparts! But the truth is, there are some surprising features to a chain link fence Ottawa businesses should be aware of, such as its strength, durability, versatility, and low cost. Let’s get to the bottom of why this may be the best fence choice for you:

Hurricane Fencing

This style of fencing hasn’t earned the nickname “hurricane fencing” for nothing. It’s incredibly weather-resistant, standing up to storms and even some of the strongest, fastest winds your business is likely to see. The woven expanse of interlocking wire, made of galvanized steel, allows wind to blow right through it without creating enough drag to do any serious damage, while the steel posts installed in the ground provide strong and reliable support. This makes chain link fence Ottawa’s strongest fencing option, able to take a beating and keep standing.

Low Maintenance

Chain link fence is incredibly easy to maintain—just spray it clean. If you paint it, repainting after every winter is simple and straight forward. Even repairs are a breeze. Because the fence is made up of many individual wires, when a section is damaged, you only need to replace the damaged wires. This makes repairs quick, inexpensive, and straightforward.


If you work in construction, renovation, or any trade that requires you to temporarily put up a barrier, chain link is perfect for you. Installation is easy, consisting of inserting steel posts along the perimeter and fastening the fence to them. Once you’re done, the fence can be unfastened, rolled up, and reused again. You literally get multiple uses from a single fence! Does your wood or vinyl fence stand up to multiple uses as well as chain link fence in Ottawa does?


So you have a style of fence that, while incredibly strong, durable, low-maintenance, and versatile, is actually made up predominantly of empty space. What does that give you? An incredibly inexpensive fence, that’s what! Chain link is a very cost-effective fencing solution. The value that you get for how much it will cost your business makes it the obvious choice—and the smart one—when investing in new fencing. When you pick a chain link fence, your budget will thank you.