Ottawa Fences Need a Little Post-winter TLC

Post Winter Fence TLC

Ottawa fence companies can help you maintain your fence to keep it in tip-top shape!

Summer has arrived Ottawa! The Rideau Canal has thawed following a record-breaking year, and the snow has melted revealing areas that need some post-winter TLC. Lawns need mowing, dingy windows need cleaning and many Ottawa fences need a fresh coat of paint. There are a few tricks of the trade that Ottawa fence companies use that will help you do the job properly. These tips will allow your fence to withstand the humidity and heat of our lovely Canadian summers and be ready to greet the next round of snow and sleet.

Step 1: Tools of the trade

When you call upon an Ottawa fence company, they show up with all of the tools of the trade. So why shouldn’t you? Make sure that you have the right tools on hand to get the job done properly otherwise you’ll find yourself running to the hardware store or digging through your garage midway through the project. You’ll need a paint sprayer or a large paint brush (your choice : spray painting or old school?), fence paint, a wire brush, a face mask, disposable gloves, a dust sheet, masking tape and a few items from the black recycling bin.

Step 2: Fence prep

Remember all of those idyllic vintage images of young children with buckets of gleaming white paint and huge paint brushes painting gleefully on a beautiful summer day? What they didn’t show were all of the steps needed prior to painting. Ottawa fence companies will surely tell you that the first step to painting a fence is cleaning it to remove dust, debris and the salt residue leftover from our winter days. Clean the fence with a stiff wire bristle brush and remember to wear a face mask to avoid inhaling every dusty bit.

Step 3: Protect your yard and other areas

Because lawns are beautiful when they’re green and free of paint specks, cover the ground around the area where you will be painting. If you have any parts of the fence that you don’t want to paint, like posts or ornaments, mask them off using masking tape and newspaper or whatever you find in the black box recycling bin. No duct tape please. Ottawa fence companies will tell you that they leave a sticky residue that is tricky to remove or cover.

Step 4: Rain warning in effect

Don’t forget to check your weather app or the trusted weatherman! Painting a fence means that you are at Mother Nature’s mercy. So, before you do all of this hard work only to have your painted wood fence fall victim to rain showers before the paint dries, make sure that the forecast doesn’t call for rain.

TIP: Remember to check the City of Ottawa By-law regarding the maintenance of its lovely Ottawa fences, to avoid any headaches.

Now, paint, let dry, and invite your favourite neighbors over to admire your stellar work!