Tips for Maintaining Your Chain Link Fence

There are many different options for fencing in Ottawa, ranging from PVC vinyl, to aluminum, wood, and plenty of others depending on your particular taste. One of the more popular options for fencing in Ottawa is chain link fence. Chain link has a lot of advantages when compared to the other types of fences listed above, making it a great choice for many homes. Some of the advantages of chain link fences include:

•  They are inexpensive
•  They require little maintenance
•  They are durable
•  It is relatively easy to install this fencing in Ottawa
•  Many fencing professionals install them

Now, just because chain link doesn’t require nearly as much maintenance as those mentioned above, doesn’t mean that it’s maintenance-free. Like everything, it will require some maintenance in order to keep it doing the job you want it to do.

Fencing in Ottawa is always complicated by the winter. The spring thaw usually uncovers all of the junk that the snow has buried for so many months. Some types of fencing in Ottawa will lose their colour, finish or paint coats over the course of the winter and it becomes apparent during the spring. Luckily, chain link is one of the easiest fences to maintain. Here are some tips for keeping your chain link fence looking sharp:

• Use a power washer to clear away any accumulated dirt, debris or gunk you want to get off your fence. If you don’t have a power washer, you can always use a plain old bucket of soap and water to get it looking like new again.

• To treat rust spots, you can use a rust inhibiting agent and apply some metal primer, followed by a fresh coat of aluminum paint. This should only be done if the rust is quite prevalent. If the rust isn’t so prevalent, use a brand name product like Rustoleum, or something similar.

• Sometimes it’s enough to just use a traditional garden hose and spray the fence to get rid of debris.
The relative ease with which maintenance can be carried out on a chain link fence is a big part of its constant appeal. If you’re looking for fencing in Ottawa that is easily maintained, gets the job done and won’t break the bank, a chain link fence is the way to go.