How To Maintain Your Red Cedar Fencing In Ottawa

When you look at the exposed stump of a tree, and count the rings, you can usually see how it has aged and under what conditions. The same goes for your fencing. Ottawa homeowners who choose Western red cedar fences like the look of the wood with its natural charm and rich colours, as well as the fact that no two red cedar fences look alike. The variations in colours are caused by how the tree lived and what kind of soil was underneath.

Like a tree needs nourishment and water, a wood fence from Ottawa fencing companies also needs regular maintenance. As time passes, it gets more difficult to bring back the rich red tones if the fence hasn’t been properly cared for. The treatment you choose for your fencing in Ottawa depends on the kind of look you’re after. Experts on fencing in Ottawa tend to use four different types of products on cedar: clear, semi-transparent, semi-solid and solid.

For all of these treatments, Ottawa fencing companies recommend thoroughly washing the surface, inspecting for mold and lightly sanding the fence beforehand. You should also apply a clear primer or solvent before painting or staining to protect the wood. Using one of those treatments along with regular maintenance after Ottawa fencing companies install your red cedar fence, will achieve the following aesthetic looks:

Weathered look: This is like achieving a natural, “no-makeup” look with the help of a bit of makeup. You can still use a little bit of treatment, such as a bleaching oil to maintain the fence. Otherwise, if you like how it ages naturally with the weathering grey patterns, you can mostly leave it alone.

Faux cedar look: A transparent stain will let the grains show through but cover up most of the weathering colour. This will give a more uniform colour to the fence and block out any damaging light. Experts on fencing in Ottawa will tell you that this option tends to last a bit longer than semi-transparent stains and paint.

Natural look: Semi-transparent stains offer a light tint and the real look of the cedar grains, although you can have blotching if you’re not careful with the application. Ask Ottawa fencing companies for advice or assistance before applying. These stains tend to last a few years before needing another coat.

Coloured look: To achieve the colour you want on the fence, use paint. This option requires a little more upkeep, but provides good protection, and you can choose any colour you wish.

Ask an expert on fencing in Ottawa for tips to maintain your wooden fence. The last thing you want to do is damage the fence by spraying it too hard with water, or painting it wrong. Greying can begin within weeks, so you should have an idea of how you want to treat your cedar fence right after, or even before, you have installed it.