Western Red Cedar: Why It Makes a Great Choice for a Wood Fence

Anyone seriously thinking about having a wood fence installed on their property should look into a Western Red Cedar fence. There are quite a number of different styles of wood that can be used to make a fence, each with its own benefits. Western Red Cedar just might be the most perfect selection for a number of reasons.

A local fencing company can often do wonderful work when it comes to installing wood fences at a residence. Everything from the highest quality to the most affordable wood can be selected. Once installed on a property, the wood fence can enhance the value of a home while also improving privacy and safety.

Once the fence is installed, the work of the fencing company is done. However, the owner of the property has a few tasks to do. Caring for wood fences is critical to ensuring they last a long time and that they continue to provide the expected safety and beautification benefits. With Western Red Cedar fences, caring for the wood is fairly easy. For one, this type of wood contains natural oils in its fibers. Although not seen by the human eye, these oils definitely do a lot of work on the wood itself. The oil reduces moisture damage, shrinkage, and warding. In short, it helps to safeguard your investment in wood fences.

Western Red Cedar Wood fences are also low maintenance. Yes, you likely will have to wash it to keep it looking clean and  a new paint job may be required now and then. Overall, this type of wood fence is very durable and sustainable. That means it is always going to look its best for years to come. For that reason alone, a Red Cedar wood fence can make a great investment.

Now, these type of fences are not invulnerable though. The fences can suffer problems related to severe weather or can be damaged if something crashes into them. Soil erosion under the fence could lead to it being uprooted. Such problems are not suited for a DIY fix. You might be best served calling on the company you purchased the wood fence from to have the repairs performed. This way, you avoid any unnecessary damage and your Western Red Cedar Wood fence can be restored to pristine condition. Consider this good advice for all types of fences.