A PVC Fence vs. a Wood Fence: Privacy, Budgeting, and Maintenance

Fencing around a home can certainly improve the look of a property while also providing safety and security. There are several different types of fencing one can choose from in order to acquire the most appropriate solution at the best price. Homeowners may consider a PVC fence or a wood fence, since these are two common types of fencing available.

Ottawa residents wondering whether to buy a PVC fence or a wood fence should take the time to research the options, in order to arrive at the best decision. Basically, one should first think about the purpose of the fence, and then determine the budget. It’s also important to consider whether this is a home or property that you will have for many years to come, or do you plan to be there for just a short time.

When considering curb appeal, depending on the style, many believe that a PVC fence is more attractive and that PVC fences have a greater perceived value than wood fences. Unlike a wood fence, PVC is not going to require staining, painting, or any other costly maintenance, nor will a PVC fence warp over time in the way that a wood fence will.

For Ottawa homeowners who are not so much concerned about privacy as they are about cost, wood fencing is the less expensive of the two options. Wood fences are more affordable, and they can later be customized if the owner decides to paint or stain the fence a different color. Furthermore, many people like wood because it is a sustainable, renewable resource. PVC fences come in a variety of styles and colors, but the cost of a PVC fence usually exceeds that of a wood fence.

Those who are not completely decided about which type of fence to purchase should take a little time to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of the two. Both are great options – you just have to find the best fit for you.