How to Choose the Right Swimming Pool Fence

Have you recently installed a swimming pool? If so, now’s the time to ensure that it meets the required safety standards.  Each city has its own regulations regarding safety enclosures for pools and hot tubs, so it’s critical to familiarize yourself with the rules in your municipality before undertaking a pool installation project.  In the City of Ottawa, under Pool Enclosure By-law No. 2013-39, every privately owned outdoor pool, pond or hot tub requires an enclosure for safety reasons.

The good news is that the specifications within the city’s pool fence By-law have allowed for abundant possibilities when it comes to choosing the type and style of fence. But with choice comes a dilemma:  How do you choose the right swimming pool fence?  Popular options for pool fence installation include wood, iron, PVC and chain link fences.  To make the right decision on fencing material, read on for information on each of these options:

Wood FenceA wood fence has many benefits, including its traditional and timeless style, its aesthetic appeal, and the privacy it affords.  Wood is also more affordable than most other materials, can be customized to your preferred style, and is easy to repair.  However, wood fences do require routine maintenance to protect and preserve the wood.  If you do not have the time, know-how or the budget for regular maintenance, then you should select another, lower-maintenance material for your pool fence.

Iron Fence Iron fences provide a beautiful open look while creating a secure border around your swimming pool.  They are also exceptionally low-maintenance, making them a popular choice amongst homeowners who dislike the upkeep associated with a wood swimming pool fence.  The curb appeal and character of an iron fence, coupled with its longevity make it a great option for your property.

PVC Fence PVC is becoming a more popular material for pool fence installations, as it offers durability, low maintenance, aesthetic enhancement, as well as excellent privacy for your swimming pool.  The initial costs of PVC fences tend to be a little higher than other materials, but they do not require regular staining or painting, which saves you time, effort and money in the long run.  PVC fences also have a high resistance to corrosion, peeling, rotting, warping, cracking and yellowing, making them exceptionally durable.

Chain Link Fence Major advantages of using chain link for your swimming pool fence are the low cost of purchase and installation, as well as the need for little maintenance.  Chain link fences do not initially offer the same level of privacy and aesthetic appeal that other fence materials do, but the look and functionality of chain link fences are easily complemented with the addition of cedar hedges, ivy or other plants that can grow around and envelop the fence.