Good Fences Make Good Neighbors…

…but a great fence will make them green! If you are in the market for fencing in Ottawa, you have a myriad of choices. PVC fences have quickly risen through the ranks as the fence of choice for customers. Not only are they durable, but they require no maintenance, are aesthetically pleasing, and cost-effective.

With our particularly snowy winters and humid summers, durability is probably the number one consideration when installing fencing in Ottawa, and PVC—or vinyl—fencing is an excellent choice that addresses such climate extremes. It does not warp, crack, rot, or peel and has up to 5 times the tensile strength of wood, meaning that it’s at least as strong as wood, with the added benefit of flexibility and “workability.” Whereas the life of wood fences ranges from 10-20 years, a PVC fence is so resilient, that, when installed by an Ottawa fencing professional, often comes with a lifetime warranty.

The no-maintenance factor is probably what most sets a PVC fence apart from its wood or composite competitors. PVC fences do not require chemical-based treatments, staining or painting, and you never need to replace or repair boards. They also will not fade in the sun or have issues with decay in damp environments. Best of all? Cleaning them requires no more than a hose and perhaps a mild soap once or twice a year.

Investing in a sturdy and long-lasting fence does not mean you need to sacrifice on appearance! A PVC fence now provides you with nearly as many style options as wood, along with a range of colour options. The various possibilities meet your requirements for privacy fences, picket fences, rail fences, as well as fences that meet pool safety specifications, and your Ottawa fencing company will offer you a range of stylish accessory choices. PVC fencing in Ottawa is also fabricated in all the customary dimensions you would expect in a lumber fence, so there is certain to be a fence design that works for you!

Finally, although a PVC fence commands a higher price at the outset—it can be somewhat comparable to higher end cedar choices—it pays for itself over the long run. As touched on earlier, wood fences require regular maintenance over their lifespan, eventually leading to a replacement in its entirety. This can be costly, more so if you need to hire outside labour to complete it for you. Any company specializing in fencing in Ottawa would be happy to outline for you the most cost-effective options for your needs and budget and help guide you to the fencing solution that’s best for you.